Hello and welcome to our new and exciting blog! We hope to bring you lots of interesting, educational and hopefully inspirational snippets and to break down the wealth of scientific knowledge our brains are filled with, into bite size chunks for even the most inexperienced exerciser!

We believe in simple workouts, clean nutrition and healthy living. There is no need to over-complicate workouts or follow crazy diet regimes, just stick to the facts. Facts that although have been scientifically proven time and time again, are still challenged by the constant treadmill of faddy new ideas trying to prove that there is a quick fix. Well guess what….there isn’t! Now we don’t buy into the “one size fits all” model, we are all different and there are certainly no “best ways to lose weight” or “this is the ultimate workout to get strong” phrases in our vocabulary. There are however certain principles that can be manipulated to make your health and fitness regime work for you!

So that is a brief summary of our “phil-osophy” if you like! We hope this blog will not only educate, but provide some points for discussion so please comment with your thoughts and opinions (positive or negative!) and if there are any particular topics you wish to learn about, just ask and we shall provide.

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