I am a bad blogger!

I am a bad “blogger”

Yes that’s right. I admit it, I am a bad blogger. They say a blog that is not regularly updated is a bad blog. I agree.

I have just looked at my last entry on here and can’t quite believe it’s a WHOLE YEAR since I last wrote something. Considering I talk so much, that seems a bit odd.

Truth is I have neglected it. I have had other areas of life that have needed attention and areas that were less of a priority (not necessarily less important) had to take a backseat.


This is something I see a lot with new clients. No not that they are useless at writing blogs but like me, have no consistency. A really common problem. You see making any sort of “healthy” change to your body requires regularity and dipping in and out of a training plan or eating well here and there just doesn’t cut the cheese. Our body needs time to adapt and all of those times you’ve told yourself “oh I’m too busy this week to train”, add up. While you may think you’re being good, if you actually wrote down what you’d done over the past 6 weeks or so it’d probably not be enough.

I once heard a very apt saying that as I sit here, realise I can’t remember exactly so I’ll just give you my freestyle version…


“It’s better to be consistently average than sometimes perfect” 


Ok this doesn’t work for everyone, and I’m certainly not for one minute saying to settle for average, but for most general gym goers, it applies. You’ll see much better results if you train and eat “pretty well” most of the time rather than eating chicken and broccoli and training like a maniac for one week of every month.

So think about that. Ask yourself “realistically have I been training and eating well CONSISTENTLY for the past 4-6 weeks” and if the honest answer is no, get better!



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