Don’t eat…get weak…look bad…


If you don’t eat, you’ll get weak, and look bad.

If you want to look good, read on.

In recent times, the need to “lift” has become more and more prominent.

And that’s good!

Slowly but surely people are realising that endless hours of cardio is not only mind numbingly soul destroying, but it’s actually not great for our body. Not just because of damage through tons of repetitive movement, but because it often means we’re neglecting the fun part….pumping iron!

Ok not all of you will enjoy that feeling of lifting heavy things as much as me but I hope most of you are doing it in some way shape or form.

What I want to talk about today though is not so much about gaining muscle, but simply keeping  what you have.

You see, we need muscles.

I’m not talking in an Arnold Schwarzenegger, tearing up a yellow pages, 28 egg a day eating kinda way, nor am I saying that you need to be a walking egg box. If they’re hiding under a SMALL layer of body fat that’s cool! As long as there is a decent amount of the stuff to help us move, protect our joints and help us fight off the baddies.


With more muscle comes the need for more food. A humongous topic and one for another day but here’s the thing. If your goal is to get trimmer / more toned (hate that word) / less body fat / look better in your bikini,

whatever you call it, you must must must, at the very least, KEEP THE MUSCLES YOU HAVE!!!

Under eating and training that lacks any form of lifting (bodyweight work is fine as long as it involves you lifting yourself in some way) will cause your muscles to waste away.

Yes you probably will get “lighter”

Yes you probably will get smaller

But you’ll have no strength, become weak, feeble, lose your nice upright shape, start to get joint pain and generally become a lesser human being.


Not cool.

wasting away

Who remembers this advert? “I’m wasting away!”

So consider these two points:

  1. Does your training include resistance work to, at the very least, keep what muscles you have? If not, start doing some!
  2. Are eating ENOUGH of the right stuff? Carbs (Yes I said carbs), protein and fat made up of loads of fresh, unprocessed, “real” food.

I’ll  leave you with my mega simple rule to start with…

…ready for this….

…it’s a bit crazy and out there…

“ALWAYS eat breakfast, lunch and dinner”

That’s it.

Don’t skip meals, make the time to eat regularly and try not to let all that hard work in the gym go to waste by not feeding your heard earned muscles the munch they deserve 😉

Be strong and sexy not small and skinny.

Next time I’ll go into the minefield of how much is “how much” so stay tuned folks


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