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This time of year is a weird one with fitness.

I liken it to crop circles, how people can have tomatoes in sandwiches, and why Power Plates are still about.

It’s a big mystery.

A mystery because it is the only time of year when people feel like it’s ok to give themselves 2 WHOLE WEEKS OFF their usual healthy-ness.

“It’s ok, it’s Christmas” is the usual line but actually, this magical time actually lasts for at least two weeks for a lot of people. When would you  give yourself two whole weeks of eating crap and drinking too much any where else in the year? And you wouldn’t because you know it’d make you feel like poo.

I am exactly the same.

I train hard most of the year. I eat pretty well (at least during the week anyway!) but then once it gets somewhere near December the 20th, I seem to think it’s ok to shut down and give in. Not just for a few days, but pretty much until Jan 5th.

16 days! wowsers.

We never pick a time in the summer and say, “right, i’m going to stop training and stuff my face for two weeks” do we?! But we do at Christmas.

A mystery.


Don’t be an Augustus at Christmas


Then it’s all over. We get depressed because it’s Jan. Depressed because the weather sucks. And depressed because we’re the size of a small house, our clothes don’t fit, we have no energy and just can’t be arsed. All because we completely changed our usual routine “because it’s Christmas”.

Like I said, I do it too. I’m not for one second saying you should be part of the boring chicken and broccoli brigade, or frown at anyone drinking wine, or even train all the time. I will still suitably indulge and much more so than normal, but I’ll still be training. I’ll also pretty much limit the indulgences to Christmas day, Boxing day and New Years Eve. 3 days. Not 16!! This is also, after all, the ideal time to rest, recoup and de-stress.

Party hard, train hard, eat hard (and well) -ish.

Now chances are you’re not gonna want to mission it the gym and it’ll probably be raining (even though global warming is doing it’s best at keeping December ridiculously warm), so to help you out, here’s something to do. It’s not ground breaking, it’s nothing special, but it’s a tiny plan to follow and remember the goal…..JUST MOVE. So do this:

30 secs, as fast as possible, of:


High Knees


Half press ups

Rest 1 min

Do that 5 times.

If you aren’t sure of what any of these are, help yourself to my very cheesy but uber informative videos by copying and pasting this into a browser

15 minutes. Can’t really do it too wrong and it saves the problem of you turning into a fat, stale slob over Christmas 🙂 Challenge yourself to do it 6 times between now and Jan 4th.

It won’t make you ripped, it won’t make you mega strong, but it’ll stop you gathering moss so jump on it.

Have an awesome Christmas everybody and I’ll see you on the other side. Now where’s my beer…… 😉

santa fit





Highlighters, dividers, and getting nowhere.



A horrible word to a teenager. When I was younger I hated it. Could never be bothered. I did ok in my exams but could have done a lot better had I actually been revising instead of doing what all teenage boys do all them time, watching erm…sport. Obvs.

With the constant threat of my creators asking how the revision was going, I employed what I though was a rather clever tactic. Periodically buying something from WH Smiths to make it seem as though I’d done something really productive. Highlighter pens, dividers, folders, whatever I thought might make it look as if I’d done something positive towards getting straight A’s. “Have you started revising yet son?…..No but I’ve brought this cool folder I can organise all my work in”




What a great idea                          .


But my folks aren’t stupid and I knew that. I also knew deep down that this wasn’t fooling them, and my motive for this incessant stationary buying was actually more to CONVINCE MYSELF that I was making progress. I was the same as a job hunter. Instead of hounding agencies and companies face to face and doing EVERYTHING in my power to get a job, I’d sign up with wishy washy agencies online, send my cv off to random companies I knew wouldn’t respond and look in the wrong places. All to make me feel as if I’d done something positive when deep down I knew what I’d done was as helpful as a 1kg kettle bell (not very).

What I needed to do was ACTUALLY revise, and ACTUALLY go to look for a job and speak to people. But I didn’t. Why?


It’s a practice I bizarrely still try to employ now as a marginally maturer adult (luckily I know myself so can manage it), and I see it ALL the time with clients.

“I know my food diary is bad but I’ve bought a healthy recipe book”
“I didn’t go for run but did research exercise dvds”
“I didn’t find time to meditate but did download an app for it”
“I haven’t prepared my lunches for the week but have bought new Tupperware!”
“I didn’t train but at least I bought my kit in”

Any of those sound familiar?

We take time out of our already time poor day, to do something just to put off doing the actual thing that we should be doing ha! Read that back. Aren’t we bizarre!

What’s more bizarre is that when you actually get something done, you feel good right! Wow, I’ve actually got a job. I’ve got money and can actually have a life now. Plus it’s never as hard or scary as you think it’ll be.

Going to the gym on a Saturday morning does actually make you feel good. Planning your meals for the week and then pulling it off, does actually make you feel good.


So there’s a general theme here isn’t there.

Easier said than done though eh.

So we often make a big ass to do list (sometimes that in itself is just something we do to put the main jobs off!) The big jobs go on and then we start doing the whole “highlighter and dividers” thing. We put silly jobs on like ‘change the lightbulb’ or ‘take the dog for a walk’. Why? Because we know these are easy to accomplish. Small job after small job gets done, putting off doing the “real jobs”. But the real jobs are the ones that make the biggest difference to your life, the ones that MAKE YOU FEEL HAPPIER, and they never move.

To do


So get your list in order…


Firstly order of urgency.
Then order of importance
Then order of urgency AND importance.

The job that is the most urgent, and most important, is what you need to do first. It’ll be a mega weight off your mind, make the biggest difference to your life and make you happier. Everyone’s a winner baby.

Closing line is four letters….


If you’re not sure what that means…google it then implement it.